Dan Piu "Inside Universe"
Dan Piu "Inside Universe"

Dan Piu "Inside Universe"

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This album was compiled in 2020 during dark, dystopian times. As we searched for answers inside ourselves, Dan Piu's artificial mind bubble manifested into a thick mass of confusion. Today in humanity's journey, a science fiction foresight has become reality. The dawn of this new era has been essential for the frame of mind of this album: "Inside Universe"

The record artwork is connected to the art exhibition held at Oil By Bijutsu techo by curated by Calm & Punk Gallery & C.C.P. The show presents a unique collaboration between Gasius aka. Russel Maurice & Kenichiro Mizuno. The show ”ALTERED STATE” was held at OIL by 美術手帖, Tokyo - 12.03.2021 - 28.03.2021.

“In this body of works, multiple themes converge into a surreal melting pot of Comic Abstraction: physicality, form and changing-form, science fiction and nature, humans, creatures and insects and all that lies in-between, and … of course an Altered State or two.”

Sound Files Here*

A1 Tru Confession
A2 Un-X-plored Exodus
B1 Evidence Of Human Lifeforms
B2 Let It Flow (Bass Space Mix)
C1 Upgrade System M59
C2 Asteroid Blues
C3 Earth Control
D1 System Of Ethics
D2 Testsubject: No.8

Artwork by Gasius aka. Russell Maurice & Kenichiro Mizuno

Written & Produced by Dan Piu
Mastered & Cut by Analogcut, Berlin, Produced by Record Industry, Netherlands.  // released on Childhood Intelligence, 2021. 

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