C.C.P.  x Goodhood - Nick Atkins (New York) Print Edition
C.C.P.  x Goodhood - Nick Atkins (New York) Print Edition
C.C.P.  x Goodhood - Nick Atkins (New York) Print Edition

C.C.P. x Goodhood - Nick Atkins (New York) Print Edition

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Goodhood x C.C.P. printed matter.

A3 Riso print by Nick Atkins, Ltd. Edition of 20, Riso Printed in Osaka - Japan. 

Nick Atkins / New York - USA

Nick Atkins (b. Boston, MA, 1982) lives and works in New York. His work, which integrates painting, film, sculptural installation, and fashion, draws on historic references, pop iconography, and his own idiosyncratic visual vocabulary. Both playful and arch, his practice employs techniques of appropriation and montage to disrupt recognizable imagery and storylines. 

His large-scale, site-specific installations gesture at world building, often populated by characters and kinetic objects from his imagination. With his sculptures, he frequently contrasts scale and mass with fragility and temporality, using materials and themes that signal ecological concern. 

In a wink to the digital realm, his crude, humorous paintings often depict the collision between cartoon characters—expressing joie de vivre and sexual deviance—and real world malaise. For his latest series of paintings, Loyal Dog, images of English porcelain dog figurines, common on Victorian mantlepieces, are juxtaposed over risqué film stills to examine questions of monogamy and faith. 

There are various tales said to portray the usefulness of placing the Staffordshire spaniel figurines on window sills. One story is that a woman could place the ornaments in her front window; if the spaniels were turned back to back, it meant her husband was at home. If he was away or at sea, the dogs would be placed facing each other. When her lover passed the house, he would then know by the way the dogs were facing, whether it was safe for him to visit her without her husband knowing.”

In 2004, Atkins received a Design B.F.A. from the School of Visual Arts, New York. His work has recently been exhibited at Mucciaccia Gallery (New York, 2020 and Rome, 2021) and as part of The Newsstand in Ocean of Images: New Photography at MoMA, New York (2015).  Since 2013, he has presented his work in guerrilla-style interventions across the United States at venues including Entrance Gallery, Procell, The National Arts Club, James Fuentes, and muddguts. ln 2019, he produced a collaborative clothing collection with Comme des Garcons. He has been a lead graphic designer for Supreme since 2015.