Anccoo "Leviation" Sweatpants Purple

Anccoo "Leviation" Sweatpants Purple

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Ancco has contributed her works to various brands over the years, including Heaven by Marc Jacobs, UNDERCOVER, GAP and Kiko Mizuhara’s original brand “OK”. Her career spans across borders, including exhibitions at Bookmarc, operated by Marc Jacobs & Calm and Punk Gallery in Tokyo, collaborative works with Canadian culture magazine “Total Pet Vol.1” (published under Editorial Magazine) and Shanghai-based publication house SAME PAPER.

Ancco’s iconic characters, born in this alternative virtual space, have grown to represent Ancco’s many emotions and personalities, emanating a sense of comfort to those who come across them.

For C.C.P. Anccoo developed one of her charismatic characters. 

100% Cotton, 10oz., Embroidery, Manufactured In Japan