Aki Yamamoto x Kyle Thomas "Screwed T" Navy

Aki Yamamoto x Kyle Thomas "Screwed T" Navy

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Aki Yamamoto, born in 1997, is an artist based in Tokyo. During his teenage years, he was heavily influenced by graffiti culture, and that is clearly shown in his early works such as action photos of graffiti and city exploration, ZINEs featuring his daily snapshots, drawings, and texts, cement sculptures inspired from his drawings and blueprints.

His current works are mainly paintings that intervene in the memory of the past and the present from a meta-view, trans- forming the self-portrait into trees, umbrellas and other objects that are ubiquitous in the city.


Kyle Thomas (born 1996) is an Australian artist based in Melbourne and Tokyo. Self-taught in his practice, Thomas works across various mediums, including drawing, painting, sculpture and fashion.

Thomas’ work is embodied by notions of esotericism, by employing dark undertones and subsequently contrasting it with colourful accents and playful characters.

This unique style is best demonstrated by the artist’s pencil drawings, often mixed with coloured resin and natural materials. The drawings’ casted shadows, cartoon motifs, and depictions of light and darkness, unequivocally presents Thomas as an artist who reminds audiences of the meaning of childhood, hope and pain.

100% Cotton, 7oz., Screenprinted, Manufactured In Japan