Too Smooth Christ - 2 Smooth World Vol.1

Childhood intelligence's next release coming in form of a 2x12 LP compiled by Parisian live musician “Too Smooth Christ” aka. Christophe le Gall. The 2 Smooth World Vol. 1 Album broadcasts a highly addictive tale of electronic frequencies. A whole universe of musical explorations, ranging from twisted electro to more dubby compositions, beatless ambient ballads, classic house nostalgia - naturally flowing into oceans of acid & bass. The album wanders on a journey through spacey landscapes, dramatic theatrical passages, and fierce low-ends.

Too Smooth Christ invites the listener to immerse into his world Vol.1…A versatile creation of electronic music in its own unique state of mind.

Audio Files Here*

“This record is dedicated to my quarantine and life partners; Maud And Mina, Love you Girls. Special thanks to my whole family & friends” TSC

Artwork by French designer/contemporary Artist Alexis Jamet - Distributed by Crevette Records, Belgium

A1 Tracks From Before 9pm
A2 This One Is For You
A3 First On The 28th
B1 My New Dance Track
B2 School Of Wood Wool
C1 Emotive Response
C2 Organ Mirage
C3 Gonna Makus Sum Coffee
D1 Psychiatrists Are Categorical
D2 Camalia
D3 Blossom
D4 Wait For Me, Mibula

Release date: 01.2022