Quentin Chambry "Minute Papillon" ちょ(う)ちょ(う)待って

Wait a minute (butterfly)

Exhibition by Quentin Chambry @quentinchambry,
at DOMICILE, Tokyo @domicile.tokyo
Date : 31.07.2021 - 21.08.2021

Reception 30.07 Friday 17-20h
Curated by C.C.P.

“Some suggest the meaning of this sentence is a reference to butterflies fluttering from one flower to another, others believe it has a different origin. In the beginning of the 20th century, Papillon was a waiter in a Parisian café. Whenever Papillon was overwhelmed with customer demands, he would shout « minute, j’arrive » (one moment, I’m coming) and customers would reply « minute papillon » as a way of expressing he could take his time.

Being in this exhibition‘s production process, I feel like such butterfly. Ravished by a variety of ideas, shapes, supports, materials and colours, fluttering between drawings, paintings and volumes. « Minute papillon », the exhibition as an opportunity to present some of my recent harvests. Although I believe it’s intriguing to ask a butterfly to take its time when most of its species have a very short life time. The span of life of this exhibition-cocoon lasts from end of July till mid August, inviting us to take our time, like busy Papillon.”

- Quentin Chambry

“Quentin Chambry, born in 1989 and grown up in Rennes, France had his first involvements into producing visuals through his early connection to the local skateboarding scene. After his graphic design studies, Quentin had the opportunity to transform their local house and garage into an artist residency/gallery space. Galerie 126 was born, showcasing over 30 exhibitions within the next 5 years. Giving chance for free-minded creative expression and connecting to like-minded artist they admired. These experiences generated intense exchanges that nourished and enriched Quentin’s own artistic practice. His art practice is mainly drawing, variating towards other mediums as publications, paintings, installations and volume work. Curiously, Quentin is continuously broadening his creative register while maintaining a certain level of immediacy and playfulness in his process. His work has been presented in personal or group exhibitions around the world, including France, Belgium, Germany, Brazil,…”