Antoine Leisure "Lilith"

Antoine Leisure was born in the east of France and has been living in Paris for 7 years now. Antoine originates from a graphic design, edition and typeface background. He is been into drawing since his early childhood days, which has developed into a serious passion through his surroundings, by meeting artists & working internships. Leisure has supported various artists in paintings and exhibitions, learned silkscreen printing during his time at Paris Print Club. He assisted Antwan Horfee on some animation projects, and has been his assistant since then, working with Antwan on paintings and exhibitions (Palais de Tokyo, VR project). Antoine belongs to a new generation of comic abstractionists and is part of Our European Artist Crew. 

“Lilith" an A3 - Publication that mixes Antoine’s spirit of painting into a Doom-ish Black & White world. A journey of very direct and powerful impressions, morphing from calmness to absurdities, a dark & fun oddness. The book leaves one with a feeling of peculiar utopias, entering an alternative reality so close to the world of 2020.

Antoine Leisure - “Lilith”:

Lilith as the first wife of Adam before Eve, same in Antoine’s path, Animation, Cartoons & Comics came before the practice of drawing. This book is an ode to the journey.

*40 pages Publication
*A3 Sized
*Numbered & Stamped
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