Ed Davis & BIEN "Mystery Plants" Tokyo 2021


C.C.P. (CHILDHOOD, CALM & PUNK) presents, ‘MYSTERY PLANTS’. A duo exhibition by Ed Davis (BRAIN DEAD) and BIEN. The exhibition was shown at the Domicile Tokyo (Gallery) from Friday 26th March until Sunday 11th April 2021. The exhibition featured 4 co-created print editions, unique overpainted pieces by BIEN, a mural drawn by BIEN & photographs by the duo, visualising some of the inspirational sources.

Ed Davis is the co-founder and main graphic designer of the creative brand BRAIN DEAD. A radical surrealist who edits and collages originally short-lived images, preserving them within new contexts. Ed is a rare example of how an artist can have the ability to transcend artistic disciplines and apply his vision to any medium: collage art, graphic design & visual identity for brands/cinemas.

BIEN was born in Tokyo in 1993. He was the youngest artist to exhibit in the Watari-um Museum of Contemporary Art. He recently held two solo exhibitions in Bakurocho - PARCEL and Jingu-Mae - Island Japan. BIEN is one of the most exciting artist in Japan’s contemporary Art Scene.



The creation of the prints on display began with BIEN sharing over 100 drawings and daily photographs with Ed Davis through C.C.P.. There was no dialogue between the two artists beyond the point of sharing material. There was trust. In the first conversation after the creation process; there was a clear red threat on both their initial feelings; Plants. In the statement of his current solo exhibition, BIEN writes: “In the days before fire was found, the only light source on the earth was the sun, and if everyone on the earth was living in the same world under the same light, then the scene I saw that day was probably the closest thing to the ancient times.”Ed Davis made use of various motifs: insects, plants, toys, and aliens; connecting the ancient feeling of BIEN’s work to the “Present”, the “Ground” and the “Universe”. Each Being from a different place, time and dimension, all connected through BIEN x Ed Davis.

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