Russell Maurice & Kenichiro Mizuno "ALTERED STATE"


C.C.P.  Publication 002 made by Russell Maurice & Kenichiro Mizuno presents the first collaboration between these contemporary legends. Although Mizuno and Maurice have very different origins, they share a homogenous fascination towards animation and manga-like visual language; their work can be described as a representation of the comic abstraction genre. The works presented in the publication, visualize multiple themes mixed in a surreal crucible.

Specifically; physicality; changes in form, science fiction vs. nature, humans, creatures, insects, and various worlds in between; the “ALTERED STATE” of consciousness.

The CCPP003 Publication initiated the first collaborative exhibition curated by Calm & Punk and C.C.P. at Oil by Bijutsu Techo, Parco - Tokyo, Japan.

Edition of 100
22 Pages
C.C.P. Publications 3
Riso & Photocopy Fusion Printing
Printed in collaboration with “We Make it” Berlin, Germany