Jonathan Zawada "Over Time, ETC."


Jonathan Zawada “Over Time, ETC.“ Over Time comprises of a series of landscape paintings whose topographies are derived from graph data. Zawada collected and compared a variety of data series that extrapolate information over time, focusing on the disconnect between causation and correlation in relationships between traceable phenomena. Painted on linen, the landscapes are a response to the virtual reality of digital experiences that are demonstrated by the intrinsic flatness and surreal color palette. Etc. was initially realised as a 3d rendering created with a program used for ‘Matte Painting’ – utilised by the film industry to digitally mass-fill a backdrop or landscape of an imagined set. With this data, the program has generated a graphical composition resembling liquid form. As Zawada translates the digital rendering into a painting, the image moves from static to fluid and back again as he exactly approximates the ascending translucency of a rising wave with the luscious liquidity of oil paint. “When I first started the Over Time series of works, the cultural attitude towards big tech was in a very different place to where it is today. At the time, big data was generally perceived as the tool that was going to solve all of our problems and its shortcomings and tradeoffs had not been fully exposed. There was unbridled enthusiasm around the then new iPhone, the ‘Do No Evil’ magic of Google and a Facebook which had 500 million users as opposed to the 2.7 billion it has today. In the intervening decade since those works and when I’m writing, there has been continued growth and a subsequent shift toward skepticism and distrust of the companies that collect, utilise and trade this data as its encroachments on individual privacy and freedoms have been revealed.“

Jonathan Zawada,
November 2020

32 Page
Edition of 200
C.C.P. Publications 002