C.C.P. "Le Fantastique" 2022

The C.C.P. capsule collection ʻLe Fantastiqueʼ

The apparel release features: Graphics by Aki Yamamoto and Kyle Thomas . 'The Unidentified Island' by Tokyo legend Hiroshi Iguchi. Embroideries by Nanook and Ancco. Psychedelic logo design by Australian artist Jonathan Zawada and C.C.P.'s earliest collaborators - UK's treasure Leomi Sadler, who has been a fixture on the underground comics and art scenes, and Antoine Leisure, a technical genius who experiments with the fusion of comic-style drawing and abstract expression.

The collection depicts imaginary worlds in contemporary society.

The season's visuals are photographed by Kanade Hamamoto and feature conceptual model Shara Lazima, who also works as a writer.