Aki Yamamoto & Kyle Thomas "In Solitude"

C.C.P. presents ʻIN SOLITUDEʼ, a two person exhibition by Aki Yamamoto (Tokyo) and Kyle Thomas (Melbourne) at DOMICILE's Tokyo gallery in March 2022.
You can see the influence of Graffiti and comics in both of these young artists' works. Both being self-taught, beginning their creative processes with drawing. Now Yamamoto combines painting and installation and Thomas mixes drawing, resin and assemblages.

It is not ironic that ʻIN SOLITUDEʼ is the title of the exhibition. The main elements of their work are self-projected motifs (umbrellas and trees for Yamamoto, boys made of stone for Thomas). These concepts and compositions, born from their own solitude, also suggest that creation is inherently solitary, and that it is a positive mind-set, not a negative one.