C.C.P. x GOODHOOD "Aizome" Collection

C.C.P. Aizome Collection - Japanese Indigo Dye

Collaboration between C.C.P. and Goodhood



The C.C.P. Aizome Collection presents all unique handmade pieces, dyed with ancient techniques from Japan, sustainably utilizing only the power of nature. Aizome (Jap. for Indigo) has been a big part of Japan's culture for centuries. The aizome studio C.C.P. collaborated with to create this capsule is based on the oceanside of Japan, Chiba. The Ayaki Indigo Luv Studio, is a sustainable lifestyle driven workshop run by individuals using the indigo dyeing technique Sho-Aizome, which is a 100% sustainable dying method. This technique was used during the Muromachi period (A.D. 1500) and is the most ecological way of indigo dye, since all ingredients are biodegradable. To create the indigo dye liquid, "Sukumo" , composted indigo leaves and "lye” derived from wood ash are combined and gradually transformed due to the power of fermentation. To further enhance the fermentation process, the Sukumo gets fed with bran or shell ash for rich bacteria growth and nutrition. In the final step, the colour fastening, the dyed fabric is solely oxidised in water and air and fastened through the energy of the sun. 

Through the natural process from plant to dye liquid in which only the energy from mother Earth is borrowed, the aizome method transforms and enhances the properties of the dyed garments, naturally increasing the durability of the fabric, adding antibacterial and odorless attributes.

The C.C.P. Aizome collection x Goodhood - London fusing ancient Japanese tradition and contemporary art. All pieces unique hand-dyed Ayaki Indigo Luv in Chiba, Japan. The collection comprises of a hoodie, long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirt, trouser, mask, Riso printed zine and four Riso printed limited editions. Artworks by Alexandre Bavard, Aki Yamamoto , Laurie Herman & Nick Atkins - 21.10.2021 - 31.10.2021 @goodhood - London.



Quentin Chambry “MINUTE PAPILLON” by C.C.P.


Wait a minute (butterfly)

Exhibition by Quentin Chambry
at DOMICILE, Tokyo 
Date : 31.07.2021 - 15.08.2021

Reception 30.07 Friday 17-20h

Curated by C.C.P.

“Some suggest the meaning of this sentence is a reference to butterflies fluttering from one flower to another, others believe it has a different origin. In the beginning of the 20th century, Papillon was a waiter in a Parisian café. Whenever Papillon was overwhelmed with customer demands, he would shout « minute, j’arrive » (one moment, I’m coming) and customers would reply « minute papillon » as a way of expressing he could take his time.

Being in this exhibition‘s production process, I feel like such butterfly. Ravished by a variety of ideas, shapes, supports, materials and colours, fluttering between drawings, paintings and volumes. « Minute papillon », the exhibition as an opportunity to present some of my recent harvests. Although I believe it’s intriguing to ask a butterfly to take its time when most of its species have a very short life time. The span of life of this exhibition-cocoon lasts from end of July till mid August, inviting us to take our time, like busy Papillon.”

- Quentin Chambry


C.C.P. @ Making zines Fair by Lodown Magazine

C.C.P. Returns to the Lodown Magazine “Making Paper” zine fair at HW8 Galerie. Various printed matters by Innen Books, Nieves, Stefan Marx, Koenig Galerie & many others. We will be showing our recent C.C.P. Publications: The Sci-fi Holo Jazz Book by Ken Russell aka. Russell Maurice (Gasius) & Kenichiro Mizuno “ALTERED STATE”, Antoine Leisure’s “Lilith” A3 Book & “Overtime,Etc.” By Jonathan Zawada. All Presented in Berlin, Germany from 04.06.2021 - 06.06.2021. Visit the fair & find lots of fav. Printed matters there.

C.C.P. "Mystery Plants" on Bijutsutecho Contemporary Art Magazine


Ed Davis(BRAIN DEAD)とBIENによる2人展「MYSTERY PLANTS」がDOMICILE Tokyoで開催される。本展は、C.C.P.(CHILDHOOD, CALM & PUNK)の企画によるもの。3月26日~4月11日まで。

 Ed Davisはクリエイティブブランド「BRAIN DEAD」の共同創設者・メイングラフィッカー。世界に幾千と存在する本来は短命だったイメージを、途切れず動く強靭なマシーンのように、エディット/コラージュし続けるラディカル・シュルレアリスト。絵画を描くようにグラフィックデザインを制作し、ブランドや映画館のビジュアルアイデンティティも手がけ、分野を越えて活動する稀有なアーティストだ。

 いっぽうBIENは1993年東京都生まれ。国内外アートフェアや、ワタリウム美術館主催のグループ展に最年少で参加。アニメのキャラクターなどフィクションが生み出すかたち、文字や記号などの表象に着目し、それらがもつ形や意味を解体/再構築する抽象表現を展開している。現在、馬喰町のPARCEL(~4月30日)と神宮前のISALAND JAPAN(~4月18日)の2ヶ所で同時に個展を開催中。

 本展では、2人の共作による4種類のプリント・エディションをはじめ、BIENがプリントにオーバードローイングを施したユニーク・ピースや壁画や、Ed DavisとBIENのインスピレーションソースの写真などの展示・販売を行う。また会期中、Ed Davis×BIENや、RUSSELL MAURICE(GASIUS)、水野健一郎、Antoine Leisure、Leomi Sadlerとともに制作したC.C.P. アパレルライン新作のポップアップも同時に展開される。

 C.C.P.(CHILDHOOD, CALM & PUNK)は、2020年にCALM&PUNK GALLERYの安部憲行とCHILDHOOD INTELLIGENCEのアレキサンダー・K・エイネッターによってベルリンに設立。国際的に活躍するアーティストをベルリンに招聘するためのプロダクション。「コミック・アブストラクション」をはじめ、様々なアートを追求し、アパレルブランドや出版などの表現を組み合わせたクリエイティブな取り組みを発信している。